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The Replaceable Sprocket Tip Light Weight Bar

The Sugihara lightweight guide bar fulfills every
wood cutters dream of owning a bar that is strong
and durable enough to work as hard as they do
and as long as they do. Always making every cut
smooth and quick with little maintenance over a long life

Why is the Sugihara better than other bars?

  • Extremely hard and polished steel
  • Rails that don't wear out (read the testimonial)
  • Light weight for balance at the tip
  • No rail cracking or chipping
  • Extreme bar resiliency (read testimonial)
  • No steel blemished for even heat distribution

All Sugihara bars are light weight. When you are flipping a bar,
you will feel a difference. The lighter weight longer bars have better
nose balance and you will feel the difference at the end of each day.

Why does Chris Foltz, the World Class Chainsaw Carving Champion, only use SugiHara Bars?

4 time international champion wood sculptor
3 time international champion ice sculptor
Masters champion 2012 international ice sculpture
Masters champion 2013 international wood sculpture
Captaion of Oregon Collegiate Ice Sculpting Teams
Ice Sculptor representing the USA at the Gelato World Championships in Italy 2016
Profiled on Discover Channel reality series "Saw Dogs"
Board Member and Co-Chair of "Competition Rules and Regulations" of the National Ice Carving Association (NICA)

What our clients say about SugiHara

The Dufour Brothers of
D & D Enterprises
Salem, IN.
Chainsaws wear out guide bars.

SugiHara bars wear out chainsaws.

As many people around Indiana know, D & D Enterprises was started in 1977 by my dad Victor Dufour. By 1985 we had become one of the largest chainsaw shops in the state. We currently sell five brands of chainsaws, eight brands of guide bars, three brands of saw chain, as well as a huge assortment of parts and supplies. I took the business over in 2005 when Dad retired. At the time, I myself was logging and had been in that business for about four years. In January of 2003 about three months after it’s debut I bought myself a new Dolmar PS-7900 chainsaw for felling trees. I had it equipped with a 24” Sugi-Hara bar and an Oregon 72LG chain. It was the first one of Sugi-Hara’s new lightweight bars that I had ever owned. I ran that 7900 three years before doing a top end overhaul, and then another year before giving the power head to an employee. I kept the Sugi-hara bar and put it on the Husqvarna 372XP that I replaced the 7900 with in 2007. This year (January, 2009) I finally retired the bar from felling trees because after hammering the rails on our bar shop machine (for only the third time in six years) it would not hold a true 050 gauge anymore. I still to this day use the bar on my buck-up saw with 0.58 gauge chain. Most loggers wear out guide bars with their chainsaws. I have worn out chainsaws with my Sugi-Hara guide bar.

Wesley Shields, Logger
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How to straighten a bent bar for FREE?

SugiHara bars survive where all others fail.

"When I went to cut one tree to length, I managed to get my saw bar caught under where I couldn’t get it free. Unfortunately, a log shifted other logs in the grapple and put all the more weight on my bar! I figure there must have been 7-8000 lbs of pressure on the saw

You can see from the picture that the bar was a wrinkled mess!! Despite having proven countless times before that Sugi Hara bars withstand almost anything, I had real doubts that it could pull through this! But, little by little, as I worked my way through the logs relieving pressure with each cut, I watched my Sugi Hara bar magnificently straight out, as straight as if it’d never been bent. I know I’ll never run anything but a Sugi Hara bar, because when you’re working in the woods, life happens!" -

Chainsaw Carving Bar

Chainsaw carving is an art form that requires professional tools and equipment and the Sugihara chainsaw carving bar makes the job of creating quality chain saw sculptures easier and more precise as any quality tool will do. Just ask Chis Voltz. He will tell you that the Sugihara carving bar is the best bar to create your art with.

Part Number


Nose Radius


UL6A-0Z20HV 8” Quarter 1/4
UL6B-0X29  12”   Dime 1/4
Light Weight       
UL6C-0Y35HV 14”  Quarter 1/4
UL6C-0Y41HV 16”  Quarter 1/4