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Trimmer heads/Trimmer Line



New Trimmer Heads

New to the line of VERI trimmer heads are the COOL head and the COOL Head 11. The aerodynamically patent pending design removes the flutter of the line created by the wind resistance as it rotates at high speeds. In addition, the ease of use and user friendly design places the COOL HEAD on a much higher level of overall performance than any other trimmer head on the market today.

Click on the You Tube link below and view the video to learn more about the performance level of these amazing COOL heads.

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Trimmer Heads

All VERI trimmer heads and trimmer lines are manufactured, assembled and packaged in the USA by the American worker. 

Trimmer Heads used on gas trimmers have been the hallmark product of HEV, Inc. for over 23 years.  Distributors across the US, Canada and around the world have relied on HEV to provide them with the most innovative and best selling trimmer heads for gas trimmers on the market today.   Our trimmer heads have proven over time to be the most popular in design, functionality, and performance.  The VERI trimmer heads are the preferred choice of the professional landscaper who looks for speed, simplicity and longevity in their trimmer heads.  

As a VERI distributor, your company will be offering a product that has an established name and performance record of selling through your dealer network quickly, promoting excellent inventory turns and customer satisfactionWhether your company is in the market for a basic manual trimmer head, a no split semi-automatic, flailing or fixed line trimmer head, they are all available through HEV.  


Trimmer Line

All VERI Trimmer heads are spooled with VERI co-polymer trimmer line that is also available in donuts or 1, 3 and 5 pound spools.  The aftermarket for trimmer line has become crowded with every kind of shape imaginable, each manufacturer claiming their shape provides the best performance.  So do we, but the true test of quality and performance is OEM acceptance and the same trimmer line sold under the VERI brand is the same line that has been used by most major OEM’s for many years.  Trimmer line has become a true commodity product in the aftermarket.  HEV can provide you with the pricing, quality and service that will assure your success in marketing trimmer line to dealers, landscapers, institutions or homeowners.  We offer both round and edged line.  We could provide many more shapes, but we know what works the best and we stick with it. 

You can’t go wrong when buying VERI branded products.

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